Product Development

Make it our business to understand our customers’ immediate requirements and work together with them to improve adhesive related aspects of their business.

We focus on the constant need to improve their product quality and profitability by finding ways to reduce costs, increase productivity and address H&S and environmental issues.

Caswell will develop hot melt adhesives to meet the needs of the hot melt adhesive market.

We work with our raw material suppliers, industry associations and leading academic institutions to ensure we are constantly at the forefront of new technology.

Consequently we are widely renowned as adhesives innovators which is a key factor as we develop or business in the hot melt adhesive market.

Our belief is that tailor made products are generally the best way of meeting our customers’ needs.

We recognise that whilst product compromise could be in the interest of the adhesive manufacturer, it is not normally in the interest of our customers.

That is why we specialise in customised formulations and pay meticulous attention to our customers’ individual manufacturing processes and needs.